What Food Is Virginia Known For?

The old dominion state famously known as Virginia is well known for its food and drinks all over the world. It is a place of heaven, especially for food and drinks lovers. It is bursting with all kinds of delicious food, from local delicacies to historic foods and incredible wine.

It is considered to be the biggest contributor of seafood in the eastern state. Since the days of Thomas Jefferson, grapes have been grown, but Virginia has recently exploded, and now it is said to have the country’s fifth-highest number of wineries. And obviously, a glass of good wine is nothing without some salty snack to pair it with, Virginia has got you covered in all aspects.

Virginia is equally famous for peanuts too and is home to many iconic foods, starting from the delicious hot dogs, brunch spots and going along with the best bars and craft beer. On your next trip to Virginia, don’t forget to indulge in some of the best foods that the state has to offer you.

Virginia is one of the states that has a lot to offer, and many don’t even realize that this stunning land has vistas and delicious eats. Well, it does not matter whether it is for a holiday or just the desire to accomplish your cravings, the stunning dishes of Virginia are some of the best around the world without a doubt.

Fresh Oysters

Oysters are easily accessible on the east coast but the best quality of them can be found on the offshores of Virginia. These fresh oysters are also claimed to be the oldest dish ever which was recorded in Virginia and has records of people eating the dish back in 1607.

It was good back then and obviously the best for people living there now, it’s as good as for the people who settled there first. A study has claimed that during the 19th century around eight million bushels of oysters were harvested in a single year. Because of the wide variety of oysters present in this state, Virginia is also said to be the “oyster capital of the east coast.”

Country Ham

Country Ham

Country ham of Virginia is well known all over the world and has roots in the 17th century. The art of smoking meat was created by none other than the people of Virginia and ham is said to be one of them. It is a tradition that is followed by the people residing here and many such Virginia families usually have a smoked country ham at the center of their dining table, especially during holidays in which they take pride in.

Smithfield is the most common ham and not to forget with leftovers, also hamburgers are made for breakfast the following day. The country ham can also be baked or boiled and so it is considered very versatile. It can be served as an appetizer and even as a main course.It can be consumed or paired with salads, gravies, meat dishes, and also seafood.

Blue Crabs

Blue Crabs

Visitors here are always excited about the seafood of Virginia and of the Chesapeake shores, visitors can find another Virginia seafood specialty which is the blue crab. These blue carbs are very unique and these beachside restaurants have no shortage of the ways in which they can serve them.

In the menus of these fancy restaurants, you will find varieties of forms in which the blue carbs can be served, from steamed to fried and even baked into crab cakes can also be ordered from their menus. And every other form is as stunning as the other so you do have a lot of options on your plate to choose from.

Seafood in Virginia should be definitely given a try and should not be missed as it is a big draw to Virginia’s shoreline.

BBQ, The Virginia Way

BBQ, The Virginia Way

If you are visiting Virginia you are bound to eat the stunning BBQ that the state has to offer you, there’s so Virginia visit that is complete without having the best quality of BBQ the state has. and also Memphis isn’t the only place with some chiseling flavors. Virginia’s famous BBQ is said to have originated from the traditional method of cooking,in which food is simmered over hot coals for a long period of time.

The early settlers used vinegar and salt which have added flavor to these slow-cooked meats. The varieties of which include the tomato-mustard blends, herb-based, and also Worcestershire-based flavors can also be found here.

Brunswick Stew

Brunswick Stew

In the south, stews are very prominent and it’s a dish everyone savors. Here in Virginia, one can perhaps find the most comforting and savory stunning stews. The BBQ-like stew is the most prominent among them which has been originated in Brunswick county itself and is one of the most loved dish by the local people here and it is eaten almost by everyone during the winter seasons.

The smoked chicken or pork both add depth and also flavors to the dish. These are added with a tomato-based broth and also with veggies such as cork, potatoes, and even beans which are in turn cooked very slowly and in low heat. This dish is originally called Virginia ambrosia by the residents there. It was invented in the year 1828 by Jimmy Mathews who was an African American chef.

Appalachian Food

The rustic beauty of the blue ridge highlands and the heart of the Appalachia which have attracted settlers from Scotland, Germany, Hungary,england, and also in Italy where the people reinterpreted generations-old recipes with the help of crops found in their newfound land.

In the winter foods like cornbread and beans, venison, wild turkey, and pumpkins helped the people get through the chilled night. Chefs in the western part of Virginia pay respect to the settlers who lived here by serving delicious Appalachian food by using the same old typical techniques which were used by the early settlers. It is always preferred to serve the Appalachian on a cheese board with a piece of bread on the side.

Because of its melting point, this food can be used in a variety of dishes which does make it very versatile.


With the production of apples in the Shenandoah valley, southwest, and also in central Virginia, Virginia which is comes in the top ten apple-producing state in the country, Many orchards here do offer pick-your-own experiences which allow visitors to pluck apples fresh from the trees.

Virginia is considered as an outstanding place to harvest apples. There’s a harvest festival which also showcases delicious products including apple cider,appple butter and also apple sauce. There are around 20 cideries all over Virginia which definitely is a big number.

Mountain Trout

Mountain Trout

As you might have heard the brook trout is native to Virginia, and interestingly it was also designated as the official fish of the commonwealth games in the year 1993.In the cold streams of Virginia’s mountains ,trout thrive and also the seasoned anglers wade in the streams to the fishes surrounded by scenic beauty. In the western part of the state applewood smoked, corn meal crusted and almondine can be found on the menu which is definitely worth a try.

Orange Crush

The waterman’s surfside grille is home to the original Orange crush. According to the theories which have evolved there, it is said that a waterman’s bartender invented the drink which has been said to be made from freshly squeezed orange juice, triple sec, orange vodka, and sprite in the year 1981.

The top of the watermen deck is considered the best location to enjoy the view of the summer concerts with the stunning picturesque look and also the also easy availability of great food and delicious drinks.

Fish Tacos

Fish tacos at pelons Baja grill are a very popular dish among the locals there. The great location right off the main beach street at Atlantic avenue has kept pelons a local treasure for so many years now.

Inside the setup is a typical one with all the vintage old posters and stickers and also the framed pictures which have been plastered on the walls with overlapping layers. Here the menu is filled with cheap tacos, and salads. burritos and also salad which is filled with tasty local seafood of all variants.

Wood-Fired Cuisine At The Hearth

Hearth which is has a basic use which is of a wood-fired oven that is used to cook pizza has a use beyond it. Here also a variety of meats and vegetables are roasted in cast iron skillets inside their giant built in the hearth. The oven which also gives a stunning, multi-faceted smokey taste to all of its food.

It is always recommended to go with a large group so that one can order a variety of items from the menu. You can go with the stunning goat and delicious pig pizza that is backed by tomato sauce, goat cheese, peppers, olive oil, and pancetta. If you are going for the main course then it is advised to go with the pan-roasted salmon, the brussels sprouts and the bearnaise sauce also taste amazing.

Peanut Pie

Peanut Pie

Since the late 1840s, peanuts have been grown in Virginia commercially and the Virginia peanuts are considered to be the largest in the united nations. The Virginia diner which is located at the heart of Virginia peanut country that is the Sussex county bakes around four dozen peanut pies every single week. You can find a one second part of crunchy salty peanuts in every sweet buttery dessert.


Trout is one of the most popular dishes in Virginia which is home to around 2900 miles of trout, streams, brook, brown, and trout which is rainbow colored which are famous among anglers and diners.

The palisades restaurant which is located in Eggleston produces its fish from the famous brackens fish hatchery situated in Wytheville and serves its famous multi colored trout with oats which are toasted and almond crust served with lavender honey and rhubarb. It also hosts live music and offers cooking camps for kids in the summer season.

Macaroni And Cheese

It is believed that Thomas Jefferson who brought a machine which was used to cook pasta way back from Europe to Virginia in the old 1790s and used it to serve macaroni to his customers and also his guests in the days when he lived at Monticello in Charlottesville.

The president’s legacy goes on and on at the Virginian restaurant where the famous and popular serving of the stumble-down mac n cheese is very popular among the students as the countries famous Virginia university is located nearby which was also started by Thomas Jefferson in the year 1819.

Cavatappi pasta which is a famous dish in this place is mixed with cream, pepper jack cheese, and salt pepper which is also then topped with a fried cheddar potato cake which is always recommended by people living there to the visitors.

Fried Pies

Fried pies which are also known as fry pies can be found at bakeries and small stores in towns all over the state. These pies are very prominently eaten at the shack in Staunton which is deep fried in canola oil for a sweet and mouth-watering bite.

The stunning and ever delicious apple bourbon sorghum of the place which is a caramel fry pie is delicately served with a combination of warm thyme and chilled custard which is then doubled down by the locals with rich sorghum and local apples.

Norton Wine

Norton was first cultivated in Virginia in the 1800s and is one of the most popular varieties in the state. In the late 1800s, the Norton wine assisted the state to top the country for wine production.

During the prohibition time vines were suppose to ripp off and after the infamous prohibitions went off many of the wine shops were shunned away and Norton which was always in captive of grapes which was also perceived far more easy to grow but in the last twenty years many of the vineyards of virginia have worked hard to hold back the state’s native red.

Chrysalis which is situated in Middleburg has the largest Norton plantation in the world which is around forty-one acres of land growing this Norton wine which also offers several bottlings with fruit-forward flavors of cherries and juicy plums.


Grayson is a unique dish that is only produced by the Feete family in galax, Virginia. It is basically a square-shaped cheese that is made with raw milk given by jersey cows that usually graze on pasters from the month of April to October. There is a golden semi-soft body with a pungent aroma while one can enjoy the flavors which are usually rich, nutty, and beefy.

The shell life of Grayson is usually around 60 days and it was inspired by the trip to Ireland and wales in the year 2000. It is advised to consume this with bread, melons, honey, and a bottle of chilled beer on your side.


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