How Much Does Food Lion Pay?

There are so many things that probably excite you for your career (long term) at Food Lion. But on the other hand, if you’re looking for employment for a short term at Food Lion it may hurt you. Because this supermarket retail store pays insufficient salary initially to most of its employees.

The per hour pay is even less than a standard payment. So you are wondering how much Food Lion pays. That’s why you are here. This question commonly arises in people’s minds. In this article, you will learn the salary as well as the benefits that workers can enjoy at Food Lion.

What Exactly Food Lion Is?

It is a grocery chain store that operates in the southeastern part of the US. This company is a subsidiary of Delhaize Group’s Belgian company. Food Lion was established in 1957. Since then it has been growing at a good rate. Now it is available in more than 1000 locations. The net worth of Food Lion is around 11 billion dollars. Food Lion has provided employment to over 60,000 people.

Different Position of Employees at Food Lion?

There are various job opportunities at food lion for various positions here is the list:-


In this position, the employee is responsible for maintaining the register. Providing help to its customers for purchases and packing the merchandise.


The duty of the stocker includes restocking the shelves and to clean the store. They need to keep an eye on the inventory and keep the displays up to date.


The manager must maintain and manage. Make observations of the activities taking place in a store. From the tasks such as recruiting, orientation, and training of new employees. It is the responsibility of the manager to manage all these tasks. They are also responsible for maintaining the profit amount including the necessary paperwork.

Assistant Manager

An assistant manager is the junior position of a manager. The assistant manager helps the manager to manage all the tasks of the day. Basically, the powers and responsibilities of managers are delegated to the assistant manager. There are so many things to do in a day and one manager can’t manage it all. So assistant managers take the duty to manage some unimportant tasks of managers. This helps him to focus on the important tasks of the day.

What Qualifications Are Needed to Be an Employee at Food Lion?

No particular qualifications are required to work as an employer at Food Lion. But if you have completed your high school and have a diploma then it is going to be helpful for you. In case you want a position of manager. If you have any prior experience in the food industry it is going to be another plus point for you and experience in a leading role also matters to work at food lion.

What Does Career Progression Mean?

It is a good option to start, if you begin to work from the lower level position, then you will directly be promoted to a manager role under this. So these are the opportunities for growth within the same company.

If you perform well with all your skills, & knowledge then you will be promoted to a higher post. So if you work at your best you will definitely get the reward for your hard work and effort.

What Is the Salary at Food Lion?

The pay at food lion will surprise you but the opportunity for advancement in this company is incredible. Let’s learn how much Food Lion pays per hour to the selected employees. The initial payment provided by Food Lion is around $9.15 for an hour. If you compare the initial salary with H-E-B, Food Lion is paying even less than them. H-E-B pays around $10 for an hour.

This is for a bagger but other employees’ hourly rate is $14 per hour. Let’s compare this payment with the workers working At Publix. The initial pay is somewhere around $10-$12 per hour. Although Food Lion is a successful company, it still pays a low amount to its workers. That is why if you’re searching for a job that pays a moderate or high salary from the beginning. Then you should search for it somewhere else.

Food Lion Pay for Full Time Job?

Full-time employees working at Food Lion are getting paid for around 30 – 40 hours per week. These hours do not include any overtime hours performed by workers occasionally. The average national salary for the retail staff per hour is $14. So comparatively Food Lion is paying less than the national salary. But one thing to remember is that the pay depends upon different things such as experience, position, and location.

The lowest salary at Food Lion is of cashiers. They earn only $9 for an hour whereas managers and stockers earn $15 and $11 respectively per hour.

What Are the Wages of Food Lions in Different States?

The standard of living differs depending upon the region. So the salary also varies depending upon the expenses

In California: the hourly rate on average for employees at food lion is $16. This seems a little bit higher in comparison to the national average wage that is $15 for an hour.

Texas: the average salary is around 12 to 13 dollars. That is comparatively less than the average salary of an individual.

New York: the employees working at food lion earn around 14 to 15 dollars an hour. That is almost equal to the average standard salary of an individual.

Atlanta GA: employees working at Food Lion in Atlanta earn around 11 to 12 dollars an hour.

Can People Under 18 Be Allowed to Work at Food Lion?

Yes, Food Lions allow and hire people under 18. But there are only a few positions in which they can work. For instance: people who are not 18 yet can’t work for the position as cashiers. But they can work as baggers. Also, they can earn the same wages as adults.

How Much Do Part-Time Workers Earn at Food Lion?

Workers at this grocery store earn different wages depending upon their positions and location. A part-time worker works for about 20 hours to 30 hours a week. The rate is similar to the full-time employees. But they get their pay according to the hours they work.

What Benefits Does an Employee Get at Food Lion?

This company offers many employee benefits. It includes dental insurance, health insurance, and also 401k plans. Another perk is that they offer their employees extra discounts for grocery shopping. Part-time workers can enjoy a perk of 5% off on groceries whereas full-time workers can enjoy a 10% discount for groceries.

What Are the Reviews of Employees About Their Salary?

Some workers think that their pay is fair & enough. However, others feel that the company should make more investments in Human Development. The rest of the staff feels that this company is good and worthy enough to work. Also, the benefits are really helpful but wages are lesser comparatively.

Is Working at Food Lion a Good Option or Not?

Pros of Working at Food Lion

  • The working hours are flexible at food lion.
  • Also, they permit people under the age of 18 to work at their stores. So this is a good option for students or anyone who is looking to work part-time.
  • Food Lions offer a variety of benefits such as dental insurance, a 401k plan, and also Health Insurance. So this provides relief to their employees.
  • Also, employees receive discounts for shopping for groceries which is going to be helpful for them.
  • As food is a necessity and discount on food items is a reward.

Cons of Working at Food Lion

  • The salary is less as compared to other stores. It is near or even less than minimum wage.
  • The wages are insufficient to support a family
  • Workers need to work for long hours and hence the job is physically demanding
  • The same work probably feels boring.

Shift Hours at Food Lion

Mostly the shifts of food lion are as follows:-

First Morning Shift:- 7 AM to 3 PM

Second Shift Timing:- 8 AM to 12 PM

Third Shift Time:- 2 PM to 10 PM

Fourth Shift:- 3 PM to 11 PM

Fifth Shift:- 6 PM to 10 PM

The rest vary on the location and different stores. But these are the most common timings of shift at Food Lion.

Comparison Between the Various Food Lions and Other Companies?

The wages of this grocery store are comparatively less than other competitors. For instance, on average an employee working at Kroger receives $15 per hour. Whereas an employee working at a Walmart store earns 17 Dollars per hour.

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that salary at these places also depends upon different factors. So if you compare the wages of Food Lions with other competitors then one thing is clear the pay is quite less. But Food Lion offers different benefits to its employees.

Application for A Job at Food Lion

Does Food Lions Pay to Employees on A Weekly Basis?

Food Lion pays its employees biweekly. On every second Wednesday. If the payment is being made through cheque then every second Tuesday if they are paying through direct deposit.

If you are unable to sign for a demand deposit then considered checking through email or else using a card if you want.

What Is the Basis of Increment at Food Lion?

Workers working at Food Lion get an evaluation every year. This evaluation is done between the months of March and April. This results in an increment of 3%. But in some exceptional cases whenever the management feels that they should provide increment to a worker for his or her performance. Then they pay even earlier than one year.

FAQs Related To:- Food Lion Pay

How Much Does a Worker Earn at A Food Lion Store?

The wages of workers differ according to the location, and timing, and depend on some other factors as well. But they earn less than the national average salary at an initial stage. However, it also varies on the position factor.

Do the Wages of A Part Time and Full Time Worker Different?

The rate per hour for both employees is the same. But obviously, they get paid according to the hours they work.

Is It Worthy Enough to Work at Food Lion?

Although the wages at Food Lions are less. But they provide other benefits to their workers such as discounts on the purchases of groceries, which is a minimum requirement of every single person. They also offer insurance facilities.

Can Students Work at A Food Lion?

Yes, students are allowed to work at Food Lion. Food Lion stores hire people under the age of 18. So if you are a student and searching for a job, then you can work at Food Lion. They offer flexible working hours. So you can work according to the availability of time in your schedule.

Final Words

So summing up the article, Food Lion is a well-known store with various branches in different places. But the pay at Food Lion is comparatively less than its other competitors. Also, the pay scale varies according to the different locations and positions.

The pay for new comers is less than average pay. Although it covers the salary by offering perks. Perks like a 5% discount on grocery shopping for part time workers. On the other hand, full time workers receive a 10% discount for grocery shopping. Other Benefits include insurance:- dental as well as health.

So it is quite worth working at Food Lion. The rest depends upon your purpose.


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