Most Expensive Food in The World

Some people like to spend their valuable money on different items, some spend their money online shopping for branded and expensive clothes, some spend on the highest quality of shoes with labels and some on the most trending electrical devices.

Some spent it on the most luxurious and comfortable vacations and holidays with their friends or family staying in five-star hotels with all the comforts. But there is also a third category and you never know you may be one of them, who spend their hard-earned money on the most delicious and expensive food available around.

You are surrounded by a hell lot of food items that you can enjoy according to your taste and preference, some are very cheap but equally delicious and some are way too expensive. But being a food lover should not hold you back to enjoy these dishes.

As you might have heard that good food is equivalent to a good mood. Down below is a list of the most expensive food items around the world. After going through the list you will feel much better thinking about your last grocery bill.

World’s Most Expensive Foods

Almas Caviar 

Almas Caviar

Caviar is considered to be one of the most expensive food items around the globe, but the Almar caviar has taken its pricing to a whole new level and has reached heights.

A very rare and unique female albino sturgeon produces this when its age is between 60 to 100 years. The fish eggs it gives is helped for further production of Almas. This sturgeon is found mainly in the regions of the southern Caspian sea which is situated near Iran.

There are very rarely found and are on the verge of extinction which does increase their value even more and also takes their price to the next level. The pricing of this rare food item ranges between $34000-$35000.



Saffron which is a household name and which may be currently present in your kitchen too is used in many of the dishes prepared at home. But do you know these saffrons come in different variants and the most expensive saffrons are priced way too high? They range up to a mammoth amount of $10000.

Only seven days a year, in the autumn, are dedicated to growing saffron crocus, or Crocus sativa, blossoms. Then, they are properly roasted to dry after being manually collected.

Saffron has its roots in the middle east and is known as the red gold there. This is priced very high due to several factors as the production of it requires patience and it also requires many efforts of manual labor which is put by the laborers which are then abstracted and packed which in turn is sold in the markets.

Ayam Cemani Black Chicken

Ayam Cemani Black Chicken

The Ayam cemani chicken which is black in color originated from the land of Indonesia and is also ranked as one of the most expensive food items around the globe.

Every part of this chicken which ranges from its flesh, feathers, tongue, and organ is black. Except for the blood everything is in black. It is also very high in nutrition and is also considered very delicious among the people there.

One pair of this chicken cost around $5000.

Foie Gras

Foie Gras

The fattened liver of a duck or goose is used to make foie gras, a rich and buttery treat. The history of foie gras is unfortunate since the ancient Egyptians forced-fed the birds to make them fat.

Fortunately, rules have been put in place to stop this, but Foie Gras can still be purchased in some nations throughout the world for between $90 and $110 per pound.

Japanese Wagyu Steaks

Japanese Wagyu Steaks

As you may know, Japanese cuisine is very delicious and at the same time healthy too. But on the downside, they are very expensive too. The wagyu beef are also one of the most expensive food items available in japan.

The cost of wagyu steaks also known as kobe beef per kilogram is around $450.Wagyu originated in japan. Here the wagyu steaks are massaged with the help of beer to make this meat unique in its way and take the taste of this dish to greater heights.

The beef of this steak is also considered very delicious and is priced very high. The meet has a smooth texture and a very pleasant aroma.

Kopi Luwak Coffee

Kopi Luwak Coffee

If you are a coffee lover then you must have heard of the kopi luwak coffee. You might have also heard of the way it is cultivated and why it is priced so high. The kopi luwak coffee is thought to be the rarest kind of coffee found on the planet.

It is also the most expensive variant of coffee around the globe. It is very unique and you may be surprised to know that these coffee beans are collected from the faces of a small cat which is named a civet that lives in parts of Asia.

The coffee is coined at a huge price of $600 per pound. They are first dried and then roasted and then they are sold at markets like hotcakes in hotspots where there are coffee lovers in big shots.

Matsutake Mushrooms

Matsutake Mushrooms

This mushroom species are very rare and priced even higher. These matsutake mushrooms are found in countries like North America, Asian countries, and also in European countries. It ranges up to $1000 per kilogram.

The difference between these species and the normal ones is that this species of mushroom cannot be cultivated artificially and only organic methods can be used to cultivate them.

One of the most interesting facts about this mushroom is that this mushroom cannot grow in the same spot again which is very astonishing in itself.

Fugu Fish

Fugu Fish

The fugu fish which is also famously known as the pufferfish. It is considered to be the most expensive fish species on the planet. It is also considered to be the most dangerous fish species.

One must be very cautious while preparing this fish as if this fish is not prepared properly then the consumption of this fish can be very dangerous too. This fish is only prepared by professionals, highly experienced, and highly skilled licensed chefs.

But in a matter of fact, this fish species has no cure for its poison. This fish costs around $300.

Madagascar Vanilla Beans

Madagascar Vanilla Beans

The Madagascar vanilla beans are a rare spice that is only available in a few parts of Mexico, Madagascar, and Tahiti. The best kind of these beans is found in Madagascar.

These beans are sold in the markets for $660 per loy which makes them very highly expensive.

The stick has a bourbon-like flavor which is very delicious and once tried cannot be resisted. It is used in many other recipes too.

Moose Cheese

Moose Cheese

The moose cheese which comes from the farms of moose houses in Sweden has a very soft and smooth texture and the taste is also very unique from normal cheese. The rare taste makes this cheese very highly-priced which costs around $500 per pound.

This cheese is only found in Sweden and not anywhere else. You will be surprised but this cheese is produced almost daily with around five liters of milk.

Dry Cured Iberian Ham

Dry Cured Iberian Ham

Ham is a dish which is preferred almost by everyone but are you someone who wants to try the most expensive of its kind. If you are one of them then the dry-cured Iberian ham is for you.

This ham originates from the pigs that often feed on acorns only. Because of this, the reason the ham gets its nutty flavor which increases the craving for this dish even more.

The quality of this ham is also considered to be better than other hams which are also one reason why it is priced very high. The meat is priced at around $390 per kg. 


Vanilla, which might be your favorite dessert flavor or the vanilla ice cream you eat which is super delicious is considered to be the most expensive food flavor on this planet.

But surprisingly the Madagascar vanilla pod is served with a vanillin content which holds around 1 to 2 percent of its total quantity. It is also considered to be the highest producing labor-intensive crop. It is priced up to $600 per pound.

The pollination process during the production of this food should be done by hand. The storms in Madagascar are reducing the number of beans that are produced in the country and due to it, the market vanilla is reaching skyrocketing prices. 

White Truffles

You might already know that truffles are expensive already but these white truffles are even more expensive. These white truffles originate from Italy and Croatia.

These require specific and very fragile conditions to grow and the process is time-consuming too. The people there also have some specific methods to collect these truffles and protect them.

These truffles are famous for their delicious and mouth-watering taste and aroma. The price of these truffles is around $2100 in Europe.

Swallows Nest Soup 

A bird’s nest in a soup!! Doesn’t it sound weird? But hold on the swallow’s nest soup which is originated in china is made from the nest of the swallow birds which tastes super delicious.

The nest of this swallow bird is made of the saliva of this bird itself and no such external material. It is priced very high because the collection of these nests is a very tiresome task. The price range of this dish can cost up to $3000 per kilogram.

Iranian Pistachios

These Iranian pistachios are super delicious and are used in many recipes around the world and they are priced very high because of their subtle taste and their good looks. But with all its quality comes its high price which can go up to $150.

The Australian-grown macadamias are stated as the most expensive grown nuts around the globe.

The Abalone

The Abalone

The abalone is considered to be a marine snail which is basically originated in Australia and is harvested off southern Australia. These abalones are sold for $120 per mollusk.

The famous fisherman named David Buckland is licensed to harvest this meat where he alone harvests around 7.5 tonnes of meat each season which he sold at a valuation of around $1 million.

Black Watermelon 

The black watermelon is also considered to be one of the most expensive fruits around the planet which is distinctively from japan and is famously known as the densuka melon. These watermelons originates from the islands of Hokkaido.

These melons have a sweet and sour taste and they are a bit crunchy too which thus adds to their price. These watermelons need months to grow into their best form and it also requires extra effort and cares while harvesting them.

Due to the extra care, it requires they are not grown in large numbers. Around 100000 are produced each year approximately and this is also one of the reasons why they are priced so high.

Because they are scarce and are not available in abundance, they are priced at around $6000 at auctions. They are also considered very precious gifts and are often gifted by the people of japan on special occasions such as weddings or some special ceremonies. 

Bluefin Tuna

The bluefin tuna is considered to be one of the most expensive tuna available on this planet. The bluefin tuna is priced at around $5000 per pound. There is a very interesting fact about this tuna, want to know what it is, let us tell you.

Do you know this tuna fish was sold for $1.8 million at the toyosu fish market in Tokyo in January 2020 which was around 600 pounds? The fish has a meaty texture and has also a very delicate flavor.

But unfortunately, the southern bluefin tuna is currently endangered and the other one, the pacific bluefin tuna, is vulnerable because of various factors affecting the marine life there. Due to these factors, the price continues to rise for this tuna.

Goose Barnacles

Goose Barnacles

These goose barnacles are also known as stalked barnacles which generally live on rock surfaces. These barnacles can only be harvested by free driving methods and only at low tides.

Because of the following reasons they are priced very high and they are available in countries like Australia, Morocco, and Spain.

The cost of these barnacles is around $125 per pound. These barnacles are best served with some chilled wine which tastes super delicious and it is a go-to dish for the people there, obviously for the ones who can afford it.


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