How Long Can Guinea Pigs Go without Food?

Guinea pigs belong to the herbivorous category of the animals’ classification and bolster on plant items counting feed and vegetables, but have you wondered for how long can guinea pigs go without food?

Same like the case of most of our pets, guinea pigs shouldn’t be cleared out alone for long terms. Be that as it may, life is unusual, and some of the time, what was implied to be a brief excursion, turns into amplified nonattendance.

The longer a creature is cleared out alone, the higher the chance that they are too without nourishment and clean water since no one is there to screen what has been given or give more.

So,  let’s read the article below and get information about how long can guinea pigs stay without nourishment and water?

The Reason Behind the So

Keeping them hungry for a longer period may exasperate their digestive tract working and they may confront liver and intestinal problems.

Guinea pigs always require nourishment and water as well since they devour a part of roughage and other sinewy matter which is dry and needs an ample amount of water to process the feed.

If sufficient water isn’t accessible, it may cause issues in the intestine or the stomach-related tract for the animal.

The Time for Which Guinea Pigs Can Be Left Alone

If you take off your domestic, whether short or for a long period, you’ll need to know and keep in mind how long your guinea pig can be cleared out alone.

Well, even though your piggy may develop into you over time, it doesn’t require you around it all the time (till the time you are successful in meeting its essential needs, of course). 

Yes, hypothetically, your pet can live alone until the end of time if you make it beyond any doubt it nourishes, drinks, and encompasses a clean environment all through.

But you know this isn’t at all practical-you’ll have to renew its food and water and clean its walled area to avoid germ and microscopic organisms build-up at a few points.

If you don’t, it’ll get wiped out from ancient nourishment full of molds and create respiratory issues from the smelling salts vapor that construct up when pee and feces gather.

So, guarantee you don’t take off your piggy on its claim and unattended for longer than 24 hours—a longest of 12 hours is significant. Guinea pigs depend on your care and require your consideration and love, a bit like other family pets.

It’s fundamental to clean its environment at least once a week, and give it a new supply of nourishment and water each day, meaning it’s unreasonable to take it off unattended for quite a several weeks!

Why Is It Not a Good Call to Leave a Guinea Pig Alone for Long Span?

They Require Bounty of Feed and Food

You might be aware of the fact that guinea pig’s teeth never halt developing, right? It’s basic to supply it with a bounty of feed and nourishment since it needs something to always chew-meaning a pig requires to get to roughage and nourishment 24 hours a day.

The fibers and supplements within the nourishment moreover bolster guinea pigs’ general wellbeing and advance ideal assimilation and substantial capacities.

  • Guinea Pigs Don’t Flourish In Isolation

Guinea pigs are normally social and don’t do well in confinement or when forlorn for long. These pets require human contact, interaction, and fondness to flourish.

  • Conceivable Unfavorable Climate in Your Domestic or Pet’s Habitat

Guinea pigs need assurance from conditions like temperature vacillations, which are most likely inside a domestic environment, particularly amid the night warm swings. You would like to be accessible to assist control the conditions and keep your pet secure.

  • Persistent Water Supply is Difficult

Keeping your pet- guinea pig alone for a quite long time implies that you won’t be available there to ask it water at the time it needs to drink.

Indeed with a few suppliers, you can make out that your piggy can’t effectively drink via  them, or the bottles seem clogged or spill. Furthermore, the piggies seem to incidentally tip the water suppliers over and  this may result in losing out water supply.

  • Guinea Pigs are Inclined to Sickness

Piggies capture ailments and get wiped out without caution since they are minor pets, so you wish to recognize the sickness rapidly. The way to do so is by watching the signs and side effects visually get them to a vet right now.

Best Hacks to Keep Your Guinea Pig Healthy While You Are Away

  • Give parcels of Space

Keeping the pet caged up all through can be upsetting. Guarantee the cage is roomy and offers it sufficient room to play, stow away, protect, and rest. The walled area ought to be in a peaceful and steady environment, with clean and new bedding and free of threats or hazards of harm.

  • Contribute to Numerous Water Suppliers

If you’re going absent for more than a day, you have the option of  keeping your piggy hydrated by introducing different bottles in its living space.

  • Set Up a Surveillance Camera to Help Monitor the Pet from a Distance

You’d need to keep an eye on your pet, particularly presently that you simply are absent from it. Introduce a camera and get it connected to your smartphone so that you can easily make out if the piggy is turning moo on supplies and guarantee it’s still carrying on ordinarily.

You’ll be able to effortlessly get a camera for your guinea pig’s monitoring from any pet store, and they are lovely and pocket-friendly too.

  • Inquire for Offer assistance from a Friend Nearby People or a Neighbour 

Ask your companion or neighbor if they can offer assistance to watch out for your piggy whereas if you’re absent, at that point prepare them on how to do it.

  • Feed Ought to Not Run Out

Timothy roughage or timothy hay could be a piggy’s basic necessity and favorite to count calories. Timothy hay is rich in fiber. So, it would be quite good if you are able to keep the creature around to feed for as long as you’ll be away.

Also, you’ll contribute a feed rack to keep the nourishment over the ground. This gadget will moreover offer assistance to store more roughage at a time than you’d if you tossed a few on the floor. But the feed is dry nourishment; guarantees persistent water supply as well.

  • Contract a Pet Sitter

Alternatively, you’ll be able to enlist a pet sitter to pay a visit quite often throughout the day while you’re absent. It’ll anticipate the requirement for all-time care and allow you the peace of knowing the fact that someone’s checking your pet from time to time.

  • Consider the need of Boarding Your Pet

It will moreover be best to check your piggy into a pet hotel in case you arrange to go on a long trip for days. These boarding offices will happily offer assistance to keep up your pet for as long as you need, at a moo cost.

But, in case your nearby pet hotel is hesitant to supply the administrations, you’ll be able to check in together with your local pet stores or your family vet. A few pet shops and vets facilitate boarding administrations, and you’ll be able to drop your pet guinea pig there, where they’ll see after the payments are cleared.

The critical advantage of taking your pet off with a vet is that you simply won’t stress around the pet’s wellbeing, naiveté, or fizzled checking while you’re absent.

Adverse Wellbeing Impacts Related to Starvation in Guinea Pigs

A part can happen to guinea pigs when they don’t eat – and it’s great sign at all. Let’s center on two of the huge well-being impacts related to starvation in piggies.


Scurvy is however another extreme side impact of nourishment hardship – it’s an infection that comes about from a need for Vitamin C.

Like people, guinea pigs don’t deliver their claimed Vitamin C either and so they ought to get it from the fresh vegetables and pellets that they eat for them to operate appropriately.

Indications of scurvy include:

  • unwillingness to move around
  • weight loss
  • hair loss (diminishing or lost coat in patches)
  • Sluggishness
  • painful joints

If your guinea pig has scurvy, it will have to be treated by a veterinarian. It may take a while but sometime recently you take note of any change in your guinea pigs. Avoiding this challenge is quite difficult, to begin with. But, it’s critical that you just attempt for your small hide balls. And it’s too vital to measure your pet guinea pig with vitamin C.

NOTE- Guinea pigs require between 20 and 30 mg/kg every day for great wellbeing, but in case they’re insufficient in Vitamin C at that point you’ll regulate up to 50mg per kg of body weight each day!

Gastrointestinal Stasis (GI Stasis) 

The stomach-related framework of the normal guinea pig is outlined to be always processing nourishment, so they ought to eat and crap all through the day. Startlingly, their stomach-related plan is so delicate that not eating at all and indeed certain changes in nourishment sources cause issues for these creatures quickly. 

Guinea Pigs can rapidly create a condition referred to as GI stasis or we can say it as ileus, which is exceptionally awful news for them. Gastrointestinal stasis is the condition in which your piggie’s stomach restricts the motion of nourishment and liquid through the body which can lead to serious parchedness – their stomach-related tract stops working regularly. It can cause your hide balls a parcel of torment and is considered a restorative crisis.

And the need for an appropriate diet will make this issue more awful for your guinea pigs – by causing hypomotility within the intestine itself. That fair implies that things aren’t going through the way as they should. Also, it’ll turn your hide balls not need to eat due to push or torment from their condition. Your piggies will truly be starving by that point.

NOTE:- Your guinea pig isn’t likely to starve to death on the off chance that they are left a day or two without nourishment, but GI stasis is likely to create long periods until that period is finished, and GI stasis undoubtedly be deadly. 

What to See out For in Case Your Guinea Pig Went without Nourishment and Water for An Amplified Time

In case your guinea pig is ever without or has possibly been without nourishment and water for an amplified time, at that point you would like to see on the off chance that they are showing any signs of destitute wellbeing. 

If the reply to any of the above asked questions is yes, you ought to take your guinea pig for check up  to a veterinarian. Keep in mind that a few of the signs may not be shown promptly, so you ought to screen your guinea pig for over the next couple of days.

  • Did your guinea pig deny to eat and drink once you have given them nourishment and water again? 
  • Has your guinea pig halted pooing, or are the droppings anomalous in measure, shape, and texture? 
  • Is your guinea pig making amusing clamors, or are they appearing any other signs of being in torments, such as slouching, crushing their teeth, eagerness, or hesitance to move?
  •  Is your guinea pig going lethargic? 
  • Is your guinea pig drooling? 
  • Have you taken note if your guinea pig has ceased urinating or is urinating the amount less than like other normal days? 
  • Does your guinea pig’s pee have an interesting or solid odor, or is it a dull or irregular color? 
  • Is there any change in your guinea pig’s behavior? 
  • Are your guinea pig’s eyes  turning gloomy or dried up?

Frequently Asked Questions

How Will I Come to Know when My Guinea Pig Is Hungry?

Guinea pigs have one of the speediest metabolism rates, which is the reason why they keep eating every time. To tell in case they are feeling hungry, check for the sign like if your guinea pig is wheeking more than regular.

Moreover, after you walk into the room, check on the off chance that your pig stands on its rear legs. Typically a sign they may be hungry. Too, they ended up dormant and watch to see on the off chance that you’ll take note they require nourishment.

When Do Guinea Pigs Generally Refuse to Eat?

Guinea pigs are herbivorous animals. They may hola a denial to eat for a few reasons. It might be because of an alter in climate, particularly when it’s as well hot, failure to chew legitimately, or an alteration in diet, among other things.

To begin with, continuously check in case you’ve changed anything of late. In case conditions are still the same and the issue amplifies to a few days, you ought to be worried.

Lack of nourishment leads to irreversible changes to your guinea pigs’ liver and stomach-related framework. 

So, in case you take note they haven’t taken their feed in six hours, take them to the specialist as long as conceivable.

How Long Can Guinea Pigs Go without Pellets? 

Pellets are generally supplements and as such constitute around 5% of guinea pigs’ nourishment. This implies beds aren’t precisely pivotal for these charming pigs. In reality, they can go a lifetime without eating beds, and they will be fine.

In any case, if your guinea pig doesn’t like eating veggies, pallets come in convenient as they supplement supplements.


You as of now know that you simply ought to continuously keep a bounty of feed in your guinea pig’s feed feeder.

And, even though roughage is the best source of nourishment as it’s wealthy in fiber, guinea pigs ought to too expend pellets, fruits and vegetables.

There is no particular run for how much time guinea pigs can stay without nourishment, but by and large, they ought to not be kept hungry for more than twelve hours.


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