Which Dessert Shares Its Name with A Korean Food Made with Intestines?

Have you ever wondered why the world’s sweetest dishes have the strangest names? So, to answer your question, we are back today. After dinner, we all ate sweet desserts.

Sometimes, it is unpleasant to say the names of the dishes we had & it’s because of their weird names. Because, despite being the sweetest thing on earth, they have bizarre titles.

People may describe it as gross or creepy, but it’s not embarrassing to say the name out loud. We believe that dishes are named after the ingredients they are made of, such as chicken soup is made up of chicken. That is correct, but some desserts are so well-known that their names must be unique.

In this article, I will discuss the desserts that share their name with the Korean dishes made up of intestines. Yes, you read that correctly. Korean people are fascinated by their culture, and the food there is also strange.

But before that, We must know what a Korean dish looks like and what is a Korean dessert? How is it similar to a usual dessert & how is it different?

What Is a Dessert?

Dessert is a type of dish that is typically served after the main course. To cap off the meal with the sweetness of love. If the meal is spicy, it is given later to fill the mouth with sweet aroma and sweetness.

There are many delectable desserts available. Some of them are pastries, cakes, biscuits, wafers, ice cream, and much more. The most trending question on the internet nowadays is Which Dessert Shares Its Name With a Korean Food Made With Intestines?

If you want to keep up with your K-Drama circle, keep reading to find the answer, and make sure to read till the end.

Which Dessert Shares Its Name With a Korean Food Made With Intestines?

You’re probably wondering why you’re creeping right now. The word INTESTINES comes to mind as you begin reading this article. You’re not alone, though. This question has gone viral on the internet, and we are here to provide an answer.

Every culture introduces their food names with great care and love, but some food cultures do the opposite.

Some unique dishes are named after Korean food made with intestines, so let us not waste any more time and get started.

Sundae Dessert is the answer to this viral question. It’s called a sundae in America because it’s typically served on Sundays.

However, it is known as Soon-Dae in Korea. Sundae is a dessert in the United States, but it is a blood sausage dish in Korea. So, let’s talk about Sundae Dessert?

What Is a Sundae Dessert?

The Sundae Dessert is an ice cream dessert made on Special Sundays. It is made by combining various ice creams, topping them with syrups, and shaking vigorously. Cookies or nuts are the preferred toppings.

Nothing beats a refreshing drink and chocolate-dipped wafers in the summer, but this dessert tops them all.

This is originated in America. It became popular because it is a variation of ice cream soda. Even though a lot of people like this dessert, they are hesitant to order it when there are Korean people present because they are afraid to say the name.

People who reviewed this dessert on the internet said that every culture has its taste and that we should enjoy the dish rather than be embarrassed by its name.

What Is a Soondae Dish?

All of us are waiting for the answer to why this SUNDAE Korean Dish is so trending nowadays. So, to answer that, A Sundae dish is a very famous dish in Korea & it’s called Sundae blood sausage or sausage.

It is famous as street food in both North Korea & South Korea. The fact that it is made with the intestines of cows or pigs is embarrassing enough for a foreigner to eat it. 

The Goryeo period (918-1392) is known as the “intestine religious fervor” because it was during this time that Koreans began eating intestines and haven’t stopped since. It’s fair enough to follow your country’s food culture. But that goes the other way around for foreigners. 

Americans who visited Korea were stunned after realizing that the dessert and the most popular dish of Korean street food share the same name. However, some people did not like it and avoided it. So, if you’re not a meat lover.

I would advise you to skip this part. Because we’re going in-depth on this SOONDAE Korean Dish. First, let’s start with how to make it.

How to Make Sundae: The Blood Sausage Dish?


If you are willing to take a risk to make this dish at your home. Then you’ve arrived at the right place. This section of the article will go over the recipe for this sundae dish, also known as the blood sausage Korean dish.

You can make this dish at home without feeling self-conscious about ordering it. Simply follow the steps below to enjoy the aroma of the most popular Korean street food from the comfort of home. So with no further ado, let’s get started.

Steps to Follow -:

  • Take a small bowl of rice and let it soak in water for at least 30 minutes. Or you can also let it soak for 45 minutes to get the best-soaked rice.
  • Next, run cold water over the rice that has been soaked and wait until the water is clear.
  • Now put the rinsed rice in a cooker or oven and wait until it’s cooked.
  • Meanwhile, you can clean the bought intestines with warm water to get the best out of it.
  • After that, you need to rinse the intestines under cold water and sprinkle some salt to make them edible and tasty. Leave it for an hour after doing that.
  • Tie the intestines with cotton strings to make them stable during cooking.
  • After that, you’ll need some chopped noodles to prepare the dish. So, soak some noodles in warm water and chop them.
  • Now, Cut some onions, tomatoes, and veggies if you want. Add sesame seeds and toast them until the mixture turns golden brown.
  • Cut some garlic, pestle, potato, ginger, da mortar, and add some spicy ingredients to make your intestines spicy.
  • Now is the time to stuff the intestine and close it tightly with cotton strings. This part is crucial because the stuffing should not make a mess after escaping the intestines. So, be careful with handling the intestines.
  • Allow the intestines to hang outside the pot to release steam during the boiling process.
  • Now, place this sausage into the boiling pot and leave it for 45 minutes inside the pot for 45 minutes.
  • Now your Sundae A.K.A SOONDAE is ready to be served.

And guys, that is how you make the very famous blood sausage Sundae dish. Now, there are many dishes & desserts around the world that also share the name Sundae. Just like the ice cream dessert, there are many different desserts.

The one we are about to discuss is also famous in the streets of the U.S.A. This dessert is famous as sundae chocolate ice cream.

The Sundae Chocolate Ice Cream

The sundae chocolate ice cream is famous in the United States & it is simple to make at home. If you want to make this dessert, just follow the recipe below.

There are various ways to make this lovely dessert, but the chocolate wafer and topping are the most popular. The items you will need to make this dessert are chocolate ice cream, wafers, crushed walnuts, whipped cream, semi-sweet chocolate sauce & milk.

This recipe is said to take 45 minutes or less to complete. So, what are you waiting for? Finish reading this article and make the best summer dessert. Follow the recipe below to save your time.

How to Make Sundae: The English Dessert?

There are 5 main steps to making this sundae dessert at home. These steps are:-

  • Choose the right amount of chocolate sauce and make a base for it. The first step is to make a base for the ice cream. 
  • Select two scoops of the ice cream you want at the bottom. Have some crushed walnuts ready. This will be the 2nd step.
  • Serving this ice cream is crucial to select the bowl carefully you want to eat in. After that, put the two scoops you want at the bottom with some bottom stuffing of crushed walnuts and biscuits.
  • Now that the base is ready, time for the chocolate sauce. Add some more walnuts or stuff you want in the sauce. Warm the sauce at room temperature so the chocolate is hot and ready to be poured.
  • After that, pour the chocolate sauce & finish it with the toppings you want. It can be wafers, strawberries, walnuts, cherry, or even crushed Oreos. And yes, don’t forget the ice.

Final Words 

This recipe is used by many famous cooks and is reviewed by people. The people had a very good impression of this recipe and they said that it is very easy to make.

However, that’s not it, the Sundae dessert and the Korean dish both have become very popular these days because they were trending in the viral question. And many Instagram chefs joined this plan and made this super cool Sundae dessert.

So, to finish off this article, I would also recommend you make both the dishes very delicious. And believe me, you won’t regret any of this. A lot is going on and we’ll definitely be back with some new interesting meal ideas.

But before that, here’s a quick meal idea for you. Prepare the Korean Sundae Blood sausage and finish off the meal with the sundae chocolate ice cream dessert.

This will fill your tummy with brilliant ideas like this. Until then, Have a good meal.


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