When Do Kittens Start Eating Food and Drinking Water?

The age when cats can leave their mother is close to 12 weeks. By this age, your most current expansion to the family will as of now be eating strong food and drinking water.

However, assuming you have tracked down an infant little cat or have a feline that is expecting its very own litter, you should wean the little cats off their mother’s milk.

On the off chance that this is the sort of thing you’re confronting, you’re not kidding “When do little cats begin eating food and drinking water?”.

Albeit all felines are unique, weaning commonly begins at close to about a month old enough. This cycle will typically happen normally and happens while their teeth show up.

How to Gradually Help Your Kitten Switch to Food?

Changing to strong food is a continuous interaction however and doesn’t work out coincidentally. Weaning little cats off their mom’s milk (or off a container on the off chance that you are hand-raising your little cats) takes time and persistence.

You want to take care of your cats with the perfect food at the ideal opportunity to guarantee the change is smooth.

In this aide, I discuss how you can help this progress and what you ought to take care of your cat at each phase of its life. Besides, I share all my other top tips on empowering little cats to eat. This will get your cats off to the most ideal beginning throughout everyday life!

What Is Going on With “weaning”?

  • The Oxford English Dictionary characterises weaning as “acclimate (a baby or other youthful vertebrate) to food other than its mom’s milk”. There is a subsequent definition, which while discussing child creatures, is frequently conflated with the first “acclimate (somebody) to overseeing without something which they have become reliant upon”. In this unique situation, eliminating the cat forever from the mother. 
  • This disarray is awful as it recommends that little cats (and other child creatures) ought to be eliminated from their moms when they begin eating strong food. A cat ought to stay with the mother essentially a month after they have begun eating strong food to guarantee satisfactory socialization.
  • “Early weaning”, as in early division from the mother, can bring about conduct issues. It may very well be a test close to raising little cats. Be that as it may, here we examine weaning in stringently the feeling of acquainting a little cat with strong food.

When Do Kittens Start Eating Solid Food?

  • At the point when cats are infants, they feed solely on their mom’s milk. This is fundamental for sound development as milk contains every one of the effective supplements that little cats need to flourish. Milk additionally contains immunoglobulins which help to fortify the insusceptible arrangement of weak little cats to shield them from contracting illnesses.
  • At something like a month old enough, cats initially begin eating strong food. This is around the very time that their teeth begin to develop through their gums. This denotes the beginning of the weaning system, which goes on for around 4 a month and a half.
  • Most little cats will begin attempting wet feline food at around a month old voluntarily. As their teeth are coming through at this age, it is awkward for the mother when the cat’s feed. Consequently, the mother additionally urges her cats to eat food by driving her little cats away at whatever point they attempt to benefit from her milk. Thus, weaning ought to be a simple and normal cycle.
  • In any case, guaranteeing the weaning system occurs at this age is significant. Permitting little cats to benefit from their mom for a long time can make the change to strong food and water seriously testing. Furthermore, as little cats age, they need more protein-rich food to work with normal and sound development. On the off chance that your little cat is as yet showing no interest in food at about a month old, now is the ideal time to step in and help.

When Do Kittens Start Drinking Water?

  • Weaning cats off their mom is to a great extent about inspiring them to change to eating strong feline food. Nonetheless, you likewise need to train little cats to hydrate. While benefiting from their mom, kittens can without much of a stretch stay solid and hydrated. However, while changing to strong food drinking water is an unquestionable necessity. Without this free water consumption, your cats will be dried out.
  • You ought to handily have the option to let know if your little cats have dried out as you’ll see that your cat is feeble and tired. Water is significant in pretty much every important physical process. Without enough water, little cats’ blood volume diminishes, and their muscles and minds don’t get the bloodstream that they require.
  • Hence, it is smart to acquaint your cats with water simultaneously when they begin attempting strong food at something like a month old enough. This guarantees that the fluid missing from eating milk is supplanted. Your cats ought to be moving near and investigating your home by this age, so place a couple of dishes of new water around for them to investigate at their speed.
  • Ensure you just leave little shallow dishes out that your cat can without much of a stretch beverage from. Additionally, guarantee you generally regulate youthful little cats around water. Cats struggle with directing their internal heat level and should be dried assuming they get wet.

How Do I Wean Kittens?

As currently referenced, the weaning system for the most part begins normally. Cats will start to show an interest in strong food without anyone else. Be that as it may, assuming you are weaning a stranded cat you should launch the interaction yourself.

You’ll know when all is good and well as your cat will begin gnawing and biting on the container you are taking care of. This is a certain sign that they are prepared to begin chomping on strong food sources.

When your little cats are prepared, you can start taking care of them with strong food! Yet, things aren’t precisely as basic as putting down a bowl of kibble and anticipating that your little cats should eat it. You want to slowly acquaint them with food so that they can adapt to it.

1. Introduce Them Slowly to Food and Water

When they taste feline nourishment interestingly, they’ll begin looking for it somewhere else.

This is the very time that you can acquaint water with your cats also. Not exclusively will it guarantee they stay hydrated when they progress to strong food, yet will likewise get them used to eat from a bowl.

I will refer to this in the future as it is significant just utilize shallow dishes and consistently regulate your little cat. You don’t maintain that they should get cold and wet or they could get pneumonia!

2. Feed Wet Kitten Food

An inquiry I am continually posed is “Do cats need wet food?” and the response is yes. While your little cat’s teeth are getting through, their gums will be delicate and dry kibble could hurt them to eat.

This could make the structure have a negative relationship with food and make the weaning system more testing than it should be.

Plus, kittens need to figure out how to bite. Furthermore, if kittens don’t bite wet food appropriately it won’t make any difference so much and isn’t close to as much a stifling risk. Then again, cats could gag on kibble when they don’t have the foggiest idea how to appropriately bite it.

For quite a long time 4-5, blend a little wet food in with the equation in a bowl and let your cat eat this. Guarantee you see how much your cat eats at first.

Supplements with an equation were important so your kittens are getting the calories as a whole and supplements they need for solid development.

3. Change to Dry Kitten Food

This is the ideal opportunity for you to begin bringing dry kibble into their eating regimen. You ought to do this currently regardless of whether you anticipate taking care of your feline wet food as it were.

No one can tell when you could have to change to a dry food diet, so felines ought to be acquainted with both wet and dry food very early in life. The taste and smell of the wet food they know about can roll out the improvement more straightforwardly.

4. Feed Dry Kibble

At the age of 6-7 weeks old, you can begin to lessen how much dampness you add to your dry feline food. Progressively add less and less fluid to their bowl of dry food until they’re cheerfully chomping on the kibble as it comes.

This denotes the finish of the weaning system – congrats! The timetable differs somewhat, however, this will for the most part occur at close to about two months old enough.

Different Tips for Weaning Kittens

The above cycle is a technique that I have utilized each time I breed my British Shorthairs, so I’m certain you’ll think that it is similarly fruitful. For an even smoother change, here are a few extra tips on weaning little cats I depend on.

Use Kitten Food

 It is essential to pick a feline food that is formed explicitly for little cats. Cats have unexpected wholesome necessities in comparison to grown-up felines and senior cats, and utilizing feline food planned for little cats guarantees that these nourishing requirements are met.

Try not to purchase separate grown-up feline nourishment for the mother either – while she is nursing she’ll profit from eating cat equation too.

Keep You Kittens Warm 

It tends to be amusing to watch your cats playing, however on the off chance that you don’t keep them warm they can fall debilitated.

Pop a warming cushion under a portion of their settling box and line the whole thing with towels. If you at any point see your little cats wet, dry them delicately with a towel.

Be Careful with Constipation 

Dehydration is normal when little cats begin eating strong food, so you want to watch out for their stools. As a rule, cats become somewhat blocked up. One method for aiding is by giving your little cat a delicate back rub after they have eaten.

This assists with animating their stomach and advances sound assimilation. Ensure you leave a little litter plate close by where your cats can do their business.

Show Restraint

 Most felines will eat food and drink water when they are two months old. This implies the whole weaning process just requires something like a month, and some of the time can be just fourteen days.

Notwithstanding, remember that all little cats are unique and some will take more time to progress than others. Be patient and continue to urge your little cats to attempt strong food. On the off chance that you are concerned, address your vet for exhortation.

Separate the Mother 

While weaning, little cats can remain with their mom. They’ll in any case be nursing off her as they change to strong food, so, significantly, she keeps close by. Nonetheless, ensure you do give a few times of detachment.

This assists with empowering freedom, other than giving the mother time to rest and recuperate. Keep the times of partition to around 2-3 hours best at first.

However, if you are starting the weaning process from scratch for an orphaned kitten, you will need to do so.

Fend Other Cats Off

 Do you reside in a multi-feline family? Assuming this is the case, you should keep your new cats separate from your different felines. Feline discouragement after another little cat is normal and you could see your feline murmuring at new little cats.

Ensure you give your cats space from their unpleasant relatives – a disorderly feline taking your little cat’s food will make weaning a ton harder!


Anyway, when do cats begin eating food and drinking water? This regularly occurs close to about a month old enough, the very time that cats’ teeth begin coming through. At this age, cats are likewise more versatile and begin investigating.

Their freedom is well coming and this moment is the best opportunity to begin the weaning system. Weaning ordinarily happens normally for felines that live with their mom. Ensure you have the right feline food out and urge your little cats to attempt it.

Giving them a little partition from their mom will likewise assist them with finding their freedom all the more rapidly. Utilize every one of the tips and deceives in this article for the best odds of coming out on top!

By the age of about two months old, most little cats will be completely weaned off their mom’s milk. Be that as it may, assuming that your cat takes somewhat longer, don’t overreact. All felines learn at various rates!

Assuming you are at all stressed over your little cat’s wellbeing or dietary patterns, address your vet.


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