Travel Guide for Food Lovers Exploring Sevierville

Tennessee’s Sevierville is a beautiful city to the east and an amazing location to visit during your holidays. For those who enjoy exploring different food cuisines and tempting items, Sevierville offers a variety of taste in many restaurants. It has everything for everyone.

Despite being comparatively small, a selection of cafes at Sevierville can make it a perfect destination for food enthusiasts. Whether traveling to the Great Smoky Mountains or just visiting Sevierville for a fun evening, expect nothing but a memorable time.

As mentioned previously, there are numerous restaurants and cafes in the area that will wow your tastebuds. If you plan to visit the area with your family or friends, you will surely have the best time of your life.

Sevierville – Food Lovers Ultimate Destination

For food lovers, this place might seem like heaven on earth. Truthfully, planning your next trip to Sevierville will be a great addition to your food diary. Apart from food, this place is known for its classic galleries, antique malls, boutiques, flea markets, and much more. Visiting this city is the kind of getaway you deserve to stay happy and content in your life.

Since shopping in Sevierville TN is one of the main attractions of Sevierville, people come here to enjoy a carefree shopping spree. Most of them head to Tennessee Homemade Wines to explore jaw-dropping varieties of wine such as white orchard, southern red, blueberry, and other flavors.

If you are exploring your next holiday options, consider this place as it offers everything you need. For a food lover like you, here are some famous eateries to keep in mind while exploring Sevierville.

Visit El Paso Mexican restaurant 

El Paso Mexican restaurant is a perfect place for food lovers who enjoy Mexican cuisine. The detailed menu allows you to try authentic Mexican food at great prices. From tasting tacos and tortillas to spicy corn masa and choriqueso for the first time, you can eat all you want. So put El Pas Mexican restaurant on your checklist while traveling to Sevierville. Making the reservations beforehand will help you get inside the restaurant easily without waiting for the tables to clear.

Reserve a table at Five Oaks Farm Kitchen

Five Oaks kitchen is one of the many eccentric venues in Sevierville where you can savor Southern food. Their menu features Southern cuisine influenced by their great-grandmother Blanche Ogle’s Recipe. Temptations on the menu include pan-fried fish, sugar-coated ham steak, fried chicken livers, stewed carrots, spicy chicken dumplings, and much more.

Every dish on the menu has unique flavors worth trying at least once during the trip. Just like you have El Paso on your checklist, reserve a table at this place too.

Apple Wood Farmhouse restaurant

Another place to explore as a food lover is Apple Wood Farmhouse, Sevierville’s oldest restaurant housed in a 100-year-old farmhouse. The restaurant has history, culture, and tradition, making it a must-visit place.

In addition to their famous apple fitters that are complimentary with every meal, the Apple Wood Farmhouse restaurant serves a wide range of other delightful delicacies. It offers a tempting menu with main courses like country fried catfish, silver dollar pancakes, original farmhouse sampler trio, momma’s country meatloaf, applewood chicken pot pie, and more.

The Roaming Gnome Pub and Eatery

It is in the Governor’s Crossing shopping mall and is called “The Gnome” generally. While traveling there, many locals might even recommend this place to you as it is a good place to grab a bite. Also, it is an excellent place to hang out with your friends and enjoy a refreshing drink because of its chilling atmosphere.

The interesting fact about this place is that most food on the menu is homemade, including calamari, Irish boxes, and Philly cheese steak. They also have this bacon cheeseburger known as “the challenger,” which is free for anyone who finishes it within 30 minutes.

The Diner’s restaurant

It is a one-of-a-kind, all-American diner located on Sevierville’s highway 66. This place gives homey vibes the minute you step inside, offering American cuisine in a classic and traditional dining environment, with a rusty interior and vintage red and white booths. If you are feeling low, you can sip on soda pop or beer at the counter and feel at ease. The interior is decorated with various 1950s pop culture artifacts and local heritage, giving it a classic 90s vibe.

The menu is diverse, offering chicken parmesan, rattlesnake pasta, Mediterranean salad, Nashville cheese steak, BBQ chicken club, chargrilled Angus burgers, and more.

Bottom line

By visiting the restaurants mentioned above, you will satisfy your food cravings and discover some tempting local food options. After all, what is the point of visiting a new place if you don’t explore the cuisines they offer?

Just note down places to try and spend wisely. This trip will surely be memorable, and you will keep visiting Sevierville in the future.


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