Top Four Foods to Try on Your Next Trip to Pigeon Forge

When we plan on vacationing, we wonder about various spots and what they can offer us. So naturally, we think of a secure and family-friendly environment that provides affordability, adventure, and fantastic food. Likewise, You most probably want to visit a place that offers excellent site seeing. Hence, If these are the things you are looking for, you should plan your next trip to pigeon forge.

The city is a popular vacation destination in eastern Tennessee. It is the doorway to the great smokey mountains national park, one of the most famous in the country. Moreover, it is close to Knoxville, making it more convenient for people flying from McGhee Tyson airport. One of the city’s best features is that it is a 24-hour drive away from most places in the USA. Furthermore, the city is full of attractions such as Dollywood, a themed park based on the famous country singer Dolly Parton. You can also visit the famous old mill square, little pigeon river, and Hollywood wax museum.

Pigeon forge has many fun things for you; however, its most attractive thing is the authentic southern food experience. You can enjoy delicious southern food from multiple restaurants and cafes that will give your taste buds a flavourful ride. Thus, if you’re planning a visit to pigeon forge, the following are the delicious foods you should not miss out on:

Fried Foods

One must know that fried foods are the soul of southern cuisine. They are considered a staple food and are a hallmark of southern cooking. In Pigeon Forge, you can try various fast food dishes, such as crispy fried chicken sandwiches, and pair them with the liquor of your choice. Moreover, Junction 35 Spirits is an excellent pigeon forge distillery that offers both kitchen and a bar. They are known for their sandwiches, the most famous being the Tennessee hot chicken sandwich. In addition, they offer fried food that is succulent and delicious such as fried cheese curds and distillers fries.

Similarly, southern fried crappie, a dish native to Oklahoma, is something you must try. It consists of a fish fillet, which is fried to perfection. Furthermore, you can find the delicacy available in most pigeon forge restaurants.

Lastly, you have not had a complete southern experience if you have not tried southern fried chicken. Pairing the fried chicken with waffles or biscuits and mashed potato with gravy will give you the most satisfying experience.


In Pigeon Forge, you can find a variety of different chowders. It is a thick soup containing protein like fish or clam and vegetables like corn, potatoes, onions, etc. it is a dish that is dearly loved and eaten by the locals. The most famous chowder in the south is corn chowder. Corn is the dish’s primary ingredient and is rich and creamy. Lastly, The dish is topped with pork, fish, or chicken.

The Old Mill Restaurant is the best place to eat the iconic corn chowder. It is a landmark of the Pigeon Forge and was built in 1830. Tourists always go for their corn chowder as it is the best in town. Moreover, it would be best to try other equally appetizing chowders such as fish chowder, spiced haddock chowder, and southern Illinois chowder.


Who doesn’t love a fresh batch of good old pancakes? Pigeon Forge is the place for you if you’re a pancake lover. The city is full of restaurants that offer the best and softest pancakes you have ever had. Finding pancakes anywhere is a plus; it is comfort food and a great meal for kids.

In addition, you can get yourself a fresh plate of pancakes from Flapjacks, which has served the best pancakes for over fifty years. Reagen House of Pancakes is another excellent place to try pancakes, as they offer a wide variety. However, they are most known for their classic buttermilk and fresh fruit pancakes.

Finally, the sawyers farmhouse is a local favorite and offers the yummiest pancakes. They have a unique variety of pancakes with n house-made sauces like peanut butter and maple syrup. Thus, it is safe to say that Pigeon Forge is the home of pancakes.


Pigeon Forge is known for its seafood delicacies and will give you the ultimate seafood experience. You can enjoy delicious treats like oysters and crab buckets. Likewise, Harpoon Harry’s Crab House is known for its iconic crab soups, with tourists coming from all over the country to try them. It is a rich, creamy soup with a punch of roasted red peppers with tasty crab meat.

Moreover, you can find all-day seafood buffets offering a fishy feast. You will find a variety of fish, such as catfish and salmon. With delicious sides such as mashed potatoes, dill pickles, deviled eggs, hush puppies, fries, gravies, etc., you can also enjoy dishes of shrimp and prawns. However, you can find the best seas food buffet at  Captain Jim’s Seafood Buffet.


Pigeon Forge is a spectacular city in Tennessee that offers you an array of adventure, fun, and beautiful sites. The city is home to iconic places such as the incredible Christmas palace, Pigeon Forge snow, the titanic museum, and wonderworks Pigeon Forge. The city is undeniably a site seeing heaven. However, it offers incredible sites and parks and tempting food that will rock your taste buds.

In this city, you can full fill all your food fantasies and discover delicious feasts you have never had before. The city is home to tasty fried foods and is known for its fried chicken, crispy sandwiches, and french fries. You also do not want to miss out on the seafood, which is nothing short of perfection. From shrimps to crabs, the city has it all. Moreover, creamy corn chowder should be on top of your list as you will eat the richest chowder here. Lastly, end your meal with yummy pancakes that will give you the sweet treat you need.


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