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How To Stop Burning Poop After Eating Spicy Food?

Craving for some super spicy dish like chili Ramen bowl, flaming hot chicken wings.  But the burn after consuming these have you worried and forced...

What Snack Food Was Legally Barred from Calling Its Product “Chips”?

Chips are the most liked snacks among people worldwide. It's the most flooded and used product in the food industry. Maybe the reason for...

Morris the Cat Was Made Famous by What Brand of Cat Food?

If people say training a cat takes a bit of time I believe no, a cat can train you in a couple of days....

How to Get Food Coloring Off Skin?

In this article, we will discuss how you can get food coloring off your skin in some very easy steps. You must have used...

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Mike was a professional chef for over 10 years. He has written about food and cooking over a decade. He has been writing for The Foods Explorer since its launch in 2018.
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