‘Whole Detox’ by Dr. Deanna Minich

Whole DetoxWith the onset of spring, many of us consider a detox or cleanse of sorts. But, what is it we are wanting to accomplish?

The usual goal is a physical ‘refresh’ gained by temporarily cutting out the toxins of our lives. But, should we limit our view of toxins to the compounds tracked by the Environmental Working Group, removed from specialty food items or listed on allergen warning labels? Should we broaden our concept of toxins to include damaging thoughts and relationships? Should a detox program pay as much attention to what we need to add to nourish ourselves as it does to the things we need to avoid?

These are key questions examined in ‘Whole Detox’ by Dr. Deanna Minich, which launches March 8th! (Notice all my red sticky notes?!)

A leader in the functional medicine industry, Deanna knows detox. For years she has worked alongside industry icon, Dr. Jeffrey Bland. An expert in metabolic pathways, Deanna developed detoxification protocols and formulated supporting medical foods for Metagenics. It was there where I had the pleasure to work with and learn from her.

But, you don’t need to know Deanna long to know that rainbow colors are more than her logo; they symbolize her ‘full spectrum’ life philosophy which transcends into her teachings about food and health. She is more than an advocate of eating ‘from the rainbow’, she is an expert in the supporting phytonutrient research and outstanding at teaching about the health benefits of plant world’s protective mechanisms.

‘Whole Detox’ is the result of not only her experience as a nutrition researcher, but also a practitioner. Over time she saw that even the most clinically effective detox programs often delivered only short-lived benefits or the results were one-dimensional.

Per the title, ‘Whole Detox’ is ‘A 21-Day Personalized Program to Break Through Barriers in Every Area of Your Life’. Her program is inspired by a novel amalgam of science, spirituality and ancient healing systems, such as traditional Chinese medicine, ayurveda, and many others. Built around her concept of the Seven Systems of Full-Spectrum Health, it addresses not only every bodily system (not just the liver), but also target every life issue (work, love, community, etc.). This comprehensive system enables one to make connections between physical symptoms and nutritional, emotional and/or lifestyle imbalances. Because, as the book emphasizes, how we eat impacts how we live and how we live impacts how we eat.

“The reason so many detoxes have so little staying power is that they treat only a part, but not the whole. They tell you what to take out, but they don’t focus on what to put in. They deal only with your physical body, not with your whole self. And as a result, they often fail.”
-Deanna Minich, PhD


Rich with scientific references, Whole Detox is well validated, yet very conversational in tone and easy to read. Developed out of Deanna’s experience as a clinician, it effectively uses case study anecdotes to illustrate various types of system imbalances and how the program can rebalance them.

Deanna guides the reader through each of the color-coded systems. Each system’s color provides the foundation for the supporting meal plans and recipes. Using this system, she takes you on a phytonutrient journey, sharing fascinating research on the effects of each color on emotion and mood. In addition to the dietary aspects, each system provides daily supporting affirmations, visualizations and meditations according to its theme.

If these concepts intrigue you, consider taking the Whole Detox Full Spectrum Quiz. The quiz quickly identifies the areas of your life which may be unbalanced. Completing the quiz helps you understand the system or systems of your life which deserve special attention and focus. The actual 21-Day program will give you the structure to do so.

I’ll being participating in the upcoming webinar-based 21-Day Personalized Whole Detox Prograand am encouraging you to join me! The book is the program guide, and is available March 8th, but pre-order today for generous bonuses. The program starts on March 17th.     

What I’m excited most excited about is, not surprisingly, the food! Most cleanses have you waking up each day thinking about what you are NOT going to eat. This one focuses on expanding your intake of colorful vegetables, and will likely inspire you to eat a much more nourishing diet that you may have ever experienced. This detox has a refreshing focus on nourishment not deprivation.

And, I always look forward to any opportunity to learn from Deanna, and not in only an academic way. I recently described Deanna as a scientific shaman. I’ve never met anyone like her. Deanna is spirituality meeting research; data meeting the divine. Her teachings will resonant with those who seek scientifically back research as well as those who ascribe more to ancient teachings. And for those who appreciate both —you’re in for a treat.

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