‘The Vegetarian Flavor Bible’ Giveaway for National Nutrition Month

TVFBWelcome to the virtual book tour for THE VEGETARIAN FLAVOR BIBLE, by Karen Page. I am proud to take part in this event, which celebrates Registered Dietitians and National Nutrition Month. Keep reading to find out how you can win a copy of Karen’s latest masterpiece!

Don’t be fooled by the title. This is not a book solely for vegetarians. This is a book for anyone who wants to enjoy a greater range of plant-based whole foods, anyone who wants to improve their health, anyone who tends to go “improv” in the kitchen. It is for anyone tired of the same salad or steamed vegetables.

Karen Page is not only a two-time James Beard Award-winner, she is a marketing genius. Vegetarianism has no shortage of celebrity devotees. But, with this tome, Karen may have made herself one of the most powerful advocates of a plant-based, whole foods approach to eating. And, she does so by NOT declaring herself a vegetarian, despite the fact that she has eaten, as she reports, ‘a 99+% meatless diet’ since 2012. According to Karen, “Labels can be divisive, emphasizing differences rather than bringing people together—and bringing people together can be one of food’s greatest benefits and pleasures.”

“Labels can be divisive, emphasizing differences rather than bringing people together—and bringing people together can be one of food’s greatest benefits and pleasures.”

Amen. I couldn’t agree more. Somehow that <1% leaves wiggle room for freedom and flexibility. Suddenly, the message shifts from ‘don’t eat meat’  to ‘enjoy more plant-base foods’. To the non-vegetarian, roughly 93% of the population, including myself —which sounds more inviting?

This inspirational encyclopedia is a cook’s ultimate resource for whole foods, plant-based cooking, providing history, nutrition, and culinary guidance. But for me, the book’s magic is the compendium of flavorings. Here, Karen guides you to the seasonings that best enhance the flavor of hundreds of ingredients, from acai to zucchini blossoms. The guide is accented with insights, tips and suggestions from dozens of acclaimed American chefs. Providing further culinary inspiration, the book has more than a hundred of Andrew Dornenburg’s stunning images.





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(Photo credits: Andrew Dornenburg)

I became a fan of Karen and Andrew after purchasing their earlier book, THE FLAVOR BIBLE. This book quickly became indispensable in my kitchen. Like their newest book, it is like an old friend I can ask for ideas when pondering how to made a dish more distinct, or even where to begin. With a head of cauliflower and the new book, I set about to create a Curried Cauliflower Soup, which is now a favorite of mine. So,  when I saw the dynamic duo in a Seattle hotel lobby during the International Food Blogger’s conference, I made a bee-line to them. I stood a bit star-struck among a small group chatting with them. My training as a nutritionist gave us common ground for a satisfying, albeit short conversation.

Fast forward two months and three thousand miles away in New York City. I discovered that Barnes & Noble was hosting a book signing for THE VEGETARIAN FLAVOR BIBLE with Karen moderating a panel of chefs discussing vegetarian cuisine. When I approached them to get my book signed, imagine my pleasant shock that they remembered me! These two are really something special. They were so kind and sincere to all the panelists, so grateful for the leadership they had shown in vegetarian cuisine and showed such gratitude to their supporters.

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The research and careful thought that went into this book will make you a better cook. It will inspire you to live healthier. And, by providing a ‘safety net’ in the kitchen, it fosters greater creativity and experimentation. It brings joy to plant-based, whole foods cooking and I want you all to have it. That’s not possible. But, at least one of you can have it for free!


Karen has kindly offering a free copy of THE VEGETARIAN FLAVOR BIBLE to one lucky reader. All you need to do be entered to win is leave a comment listing the vegetable, fruit, legume, nut, seed, herb or spice you want to use more in your cooking. That simple! The giveaway ends March 15th at midnight Eastern and is open to U.S. residents only.
Update 2/3/15: The giveaway is now closed, thanks!




24 thoughts on “‘The Vegetarian Flavor Bible’ Giveaway for National Nutrition Month

  1. I’d say sweet potatoes…. They are just hard veggie for me to love. I need some good recipes to help me enjoy them more!

  2. Squash, like butternut or acorn. I see it at the farmer’s market and get all pumped… but by the time I get it to my kitchen I remember I don’t have many ideas of how to use it.

  3. I am no vegetarian these days, but I do eat veggies with every meal. I think I don’t have so much a specific vegetable, but new ways to cook and flavor all veggies. I get stuck in ruts! Favorites are broccoli, kale, brussels sprouts and delicata squash!!

  4. I love vegetarian diet with any spice I find in my pantry but most importantly I love cilantro in most my dish.

  5. I’d love to incorporate more herbs and spices into my everyday meals outside of my go-to standards/favorites that always seem to grace my plate (garlic, salt, pepper…boring). Having spent some time traveling I would especially like to incorporate more exotic and out of the ordinary spices (saffron, curry powders, chilies). I love the idea of bringing a little around the world flavor to everyday meals!

    Also, beautifully put: “I believe labels can be divisive, emphasizing differences rather than bringing people together—and bringing people together can be one of food’s greatest benefits and pleasures.”

  6. The book looks awesome! I really want to use more spices in general to add some new flavors to the a-bit-too-small rotation of veggies that my whole family will regularly go for. Let’s say BASIL!

  7. I love all veggies, fruit, legumes, seeds, herbs (except rosemary) and love love love spices. I want to be able to incorporate more and a tasty way that will get my husband to want to eat more of a plant based diet.

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