Juicing Versus Blending. The Plot Thickens….

Juicing Versus BlendingIn “Juicing Removes More Than Just Fiber”, Dr. Michael Greger throws a wrench into the ongoing ‘Juicing versus Blending’ debate. While, both can contribute to a healthy lifestyle, research is leaning towards blending as the victor. One of the main arguments against juicing is the fact that extracting juice from fruits and vegetables removes the plant fiber in the process. Adding weight to this argument, research shows that plant fiber is even more important than the well-established benefits to gastrointestinal health as well as managing blood sugar, weight and cholesterol. Fiber, it turns out, is a polyphenol carrier. Continue reading

Ginger Beet Juice

Ginger Beet Juice

One of the best things about juicing is the vibrant colors. I can’t resist the bright magenta of beet juice. Raw and unpeeled is also the best form to maximize the many health benefits of beets, such as detoxification and anti-inflammatory support [1]. Further, just one cup of beetroot juice is rich in dietary nitrate, which lowers blood pressure by relaxing blood vessel walls and improves blood flow [2][3]. Beetroot juice can also enhance athletic performance by reducing the amount of oxygen needed during exercise [4]. Go red! Continue reading

Basic Green Juice

Green Juice RecipeWhy does juicing make you feel so great? Vitamins, minerals and chlorophyl are essentially mainlined into circulation, oxygenating your blood and helping rid your body of toxins. An addiction you can live with… !

If you have not tried juicing, I encourcage you to try a 3-day juicing experiment. Buy fresh juice from an organic juice bar, if needed. Beware of many popular retail brands of packaged juices. As tasty as they may be, you are often buying very expensive apple or orange juice. Some have sugar levels over 40 grams from GMO produce. Fresh, organic juice energizes you, without creating blood sugar chaos. But, my favorite reason for juicing is the tone it sets for my day. Before the day unfolds, I’ve done something healthy and nourishing for my body.

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Ginger Juice Cubes -Without A Juicer!

Ginger Juice Cubes RecipeDo you hate peeling ginger? I do. But, I use it everyday. See the dilemma?

Ginger has been used for centuries to reduce nausea and inflammation. Research shows this pungent rhizome to be as effective as over the counter medication for reducing menstrual cramps, motion sickness and inflammatory conditions, such as arthritis. Yet, that tough, brownish flesh always requires more time and patience to remove than I have  to deal with it on a daily basis.

When, I started adding ginger into my juices, I noticed that the ginger fibers clogged the juicer and clean-up took longer. After I kept finding abandoned ginger corpses in my refrigerator, I started juicing ginger in bulk. It now seems a small luxury to always have this culinary and health pick-me-up ready to go. I use my ginger cubes in drinking water, smoothies, fresh juices, green tea, ginger-lemon tea and the occasional cocktail. Continue reading