Dairy-Free Cacao Fudgsicles

Healthy FudgsiclesFudgsicles were one of my favorite summer cool treats. There was something about the way they slowly morphed from a frozen solid into creamy, chocolate pudding. Unfortunately, three of the top six ingredients in those fudgsicles are sugar, corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup. Keep reading the label and you will find other goodies, such as cellulose gum and polysorbate 80. No thank you.

The good news is that it is incredibly easy to make fudgsicles that are actually healthy. These fudgiscles also have the rich, creamy texture, which makes a fudgsicle a fudgsicle.  No dairy. No gluten. No cooking. No kidding! Continue reading

Summer Recipe Make-Over Time!

Summer Recipe MakeoverIt’s not quite summer yet, but the Farmer’s Markets are once again lively. A round of applause, please! I’m looking forward to making my favorite summer recipes. But, I want to know which seasonal foods do you want to learn more about? Do you have a summer recipe for which you would like to give a health make-over? Lighter, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, add nutrients -all of the above? Let me help!

If you would like your recipe to be considered for a make-over, provide the following in the comments:

  • Name of the recipe or a description of the kind of healthy recipe you want.
  • The actual recipe (if you have a specific one you want to give a health make-over). A website link or attachment in an email is fine.
  • What you like about the recipe? If there is a reason it is special to you, I’d love to hear the story!
  • What would you like to change to make it healthier or suit your dietary restrictions?

That’s it! I hope to hear from you whether it is a recipe make-over request or questions about the nutritional aspects of or how to prepare any specific seasonal produce.



Quinoa Breakfast Bars – Your Morning Saver

Quinoa Breakfast BarsHave a love-hate relationship with breakfast? The earlier the alarm sounds and the greater the rush, the more tempting it is to skip it. But, research shows the importance of “breaking the fast” for better energy, cardiovascular health, weight control and healthier food choices throughout the day [1][2]. Quinoa Breakfast Bars to the rescue. These gluten-free, protein-packed and only slightly sweetened bars are a healthy, grab-and-go breakfast or snack item. This recipe is not only easy, but endlessly customizable, or what I call a “kitchen sink” recipe. Dried, fresh or frozen fruit, coconut, seeds, nuts… throw them all into the mix! You can’t go to wrong, as long as you don’t add so many extras that the mixture is as dense as wet concrete. These bars can be made ahead and last for days in the refrigerator. Try the Vegan Quinoa Bars as well! Continue reading

Sweet Potato Turkey Hash

Sweet Potato HashBreakfast hash. I’d never tasted it, much less ordered it. But, ‘The Original’ hash was on my companion’s plate at the famed Otis Cafe on the Oregon Coast. I dug my fork into the mass. When in Rome. Yes, it was delicious. But, one bite was adequate. Cross that off the list. Until yesterday morning, when The Time food section was promoting Turkey Hash as a way to repurpose one’s remaining Thanksgiving bird. Count me in.

Continue reading