Grilled Caesar Salad with Gluten-Free Croutons

grilled caesar saladGrilled Caesar Salad—because grilling is one of the easiest ways to put a fresh twist on a classic. And Caesar salad, an uber classic, is as welcome at a backyard BBQs as sit-down dinners. But, for Grilled Caesar Salad, select small, compact Romaine hearts, ideally about six inches in length. Anything bigger, anything floppy, skip it. Those greens simply won’t hold up to the heat of the grill. Continue reading

Roasted Garlic

Roasted Garlic in RamekinFor many cooks, roasted garlic is as much of a kitchen staple as a head of raw garlic. Roasted garlic bring an earthy sophistication to dishes. And the pungent smell of it cooking is almost reward enough for your efforts. Roasting mellows the garlic considerably. So, many people who cannot tolerate raw garlic can enjoy roasted garlic without any discomfort. One added convenience is that you can add roasted garlic when finishing a dish, allowing for last-minute adjustments without having to pull out a garlic press, a knife for mincing or a sautĂ© pan. Just stir it in, or spread it like jam, garlic jam… Continue reading