Eggs Diablo

Eggs DiabloEggs Diablo is a healthier version of the classic Deviled Eggs with Greek yogurt and avocado replacing mayonnaise. If you are not a deviled egg fan, give this version a try. If you like guacamole, you will love Eggs Diablo! Green eggs. Perhaps Dr. Seuss was on to something!

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Eggvocado and Greens

Eggvocado on Greens with Lemon VinaigretteEggs and avocado for breakfast. Tex-Mex meets healthy. What’s not to love?! This dish has it all; irresistible texture, excellent nutrient value, simple preparation and a festive presentation. Get your brunch on!

This version of Eggvocado has a higher egg to avocado ratio than the Tim Ferris version. I also prefer the eggs’ texture when cooked at a lower temperature, ideally in a cast iron pan. However, a toaster oven will work just fine. Continue reading