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I’m Maribeth Evezich, the face behind Whole Foods Explorer. You can read about me here.

It is my goal to be a health resource for you, providing science-based nutritional recommendations -with simple, yet delicious recipes. I hope to inspire you and be your guide towards better health, one bite at a time.

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7 thoughts on “Welcome —and a Gift!

  1. Great Idea I weight 128 pound and I want to lose atleast 58 pounds.
    What should I do.
    My problem is I work 11 pm to 7 am and I sleep the inter day. What you guys recommend me.
    Thank you.

    • Hello and welcome to Whole Foods Explorer!

      Visiting the site and using the whole foods, plant-based recipes you’ll find here is definitely a good start. Most people find simply staying away from processed foods improves their health and well-being in a meaningful way. However, I recommend that you discuss your goal of losing 58 pounds with your healthcare practitioner as that would be a very dramatic weight loss. Come back soon!

  2. Love the fire cider recipe. I also love the site especially because it has recipes that you can right to not laden with ads that are all over it wasting time and interfering with a simple task. I look forward to exploring more. Anything DIY is a big plus for me. One more thing I like it because its not all over pinterest where again I have to shift through tons of stuff just to get to an answer. Please keep it informative and to the point. PSS the fire cider could have had a recipe to DIY Apple Cider just a suggestion. Thanks Mike

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