Happy Mother’s Day to ALL the Mothers in Our Lives!

Mom and MB-5705Today, on Mother’s Day, I’m expressing gratitude to ALL the mothers in my life. While today each of us may focus on our own mother, we all know that there are many mothers who have touched our lives and made us the people we are.

We all have ‘adopted’ mothers. As children our adopted  mothers were the mothers of our friends and neighbors. As we grew up, they welcomed us into their homes. They fed us. They looked after us and probably and often made us feel as if we were one of their own brood. 

We may be gifted with adopted mothers as adults as well. These bonus moms fill in when our genetic ones are unavailable due to distance or other reasons. We often gain one by marriage, or perhaps by our neighborhood. My next door neighbor, Sherri, adopted me when I was living in Portland and was a first-time home owner. She taught me about gardening and home maintenance. She loaned me her tools and offered more than the occasional meal and dog-sitting service. And, she had AC!

Some of us are fortunate to have our lives enriched by other mothers in our families. I am exceptionally fortunate to have two sisters, Cristina by blood and Laurie by marriage, who are phenomenal mothers. Between them I have seven nephews and one niece, all of whom make my life richer and the world a better and more interesting place.

And then there are our own mothers. I’m so very fortunate that my own mother is still vibrant, still has her mischievous smile and is still and always will be my kitchen hero and companion —when I’m lucky!

Last year, I wrote this post honoring her, Mom: Cook, Nourish, Repeat! 

Happy Mother’s Day Carla, Cristina, Laurie and all moms!