Fire Cider. It really IS all that!

Fire CiderI first came across Shire City Herbal’s Fire Cider while visiting the Berkshires. Being an apple cider vinegar enthusiast, the manufacture’s description intrigued me. ‘Fire Cider is whole foods medicine, vinegar perfected! It’s A Medicinal Tonic. It’s A Cocktail Mixer. It’s Both…and More!’ I was sold, until I saw the price. $12.99 for an 8 ounce bottle?! I’ll pass.

But, I kept seeing it on the shelves of independent health food stores and decided this tonic deserved a little research. According to the Huffington Post, “Fire Cider is one of those grandma-style cold and hangover remedies that is designed to be one part soothing, one part refreshing and one part BURNING-IT-OUT-OF-YOU.” The base of this product is raw, unpasteurized, living apple cider vinegar blended with raw wildflower honey and immune boosting, roots and fruits, such as oranges, lemons, onions, ginger, horseradish, garlic, turmeric and Habanero pepper. Not your garden variety vinegar.

Then next time I saw it, I bought a bottle and tried it on the spot. This is not for the faint of heart, but it is zesty, invigorating and tasty! Fourth of July in a bottle. Every day I looked forward to a tablespoon treat. I also started adding a splash to soups and vegetables.The bottle was gone in a week. Clearly hooked on this vibrant tonic, I started researching recipes to make it at home to feed my habit in a more economical way. I recently found one from a noted herbalist. Stay tuned!

Have you tried Fire Cider? If so, how do you use it?

5 thoughts on “Fire Cider. It really IS all that!

  1. Hi Maribeth, thanks so much for this write up!

    RH- you seem somewhat confused about my company, Shire City Herbals, and based the the amount of misinformation going around, I can understand why. First, the recipe we use started with Dana’s grandmother and grew from there, it’s our recipe and on every bottle we have ever sold we say that it’s our version of a centuries old folk remedy. We have trademarked our brand name, not a recipe. A trademark covers the name of a commercial product and ours is specific to a vinegar based dietary supplement. Anyone doing anything outside the commercial market, like Rosemary, for example, sharing recipes, making, taking, teaching and writing, are not effected by ANY trademark. We have never asked anyone to remove a listing or to stop selling anything, all we have done is asked folks who started commercially selling a vinegar tonic after us, to change their name so as to avoid customer confusion. We are happy to see other producers joining us in the new commercial market we have created! Here are a few helpful links that spell out the lies and rumors being spread about us and some actual facts! If you would like to talk directly, my email is Thanks!

  2. Too bad the victims are individually small and unable to afford lawyers to properly counter the illegal usurpation of an age-old folk remedy in the common realm

  3. It’s actually NOT all that, well at least not the people behind the company. This company has STOLEN a recipe that is a common term for a recipe for the PEOPLE and have trademarked it. Problem is, it is not theirs to trademark. Rosemary Gladstar, a renowned herbalist, coined the term AND recipe decades ago. The herbal community is disappointed in Shire City Herbals for doing this, as well as having the fire ciders of super-small time businesses on Etsy remove THEIR listings because of “infringement”. They are not playing fair, especially considering people have been making fire cider and using the term for longer than Shire City Herbals has even been a company.

    • Wow. I am pretty new to Fire Cider – the general recipe as well as the branded product. That is interesting, but disconcerting background information you have shared. Thank you.

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