Organic at Costco: Deep Greens Blend & Baby Beets

Costco Organic Deep Greens BlendCostco is responding to demand for organic packaged foods as well as produce. You never know what you will find! Here, my newest discoveries, a deep greens blend and baby beets are tossed with red onion and my favorite lemon vinaigrette. Simple. Delicious. Easy. 

Earthbound Farm – Organic Deep Greens Power Blend

Earthbound Farm’s Spring Mix is fantastic, but Deep Greens is a welcome change. This blend of triple washed tender baby greens; kale, red and green chard and spinach is ideal for juicing and smoothies as well as salads. Deep Greens is a power dose of vitamins A and C in a 1.5 lb bag for $5.99. This goes on my perennial Costco shopping list.

Love Beets – Pre-Cooked Organic Baby Beets

You’ve got to love the name. These are true baby beets, none more than 2-inches in diameter and at their most nutrient-rich stage. Love Beets are available plain or dressed in vinaigrette, making them a great add-in for salads or other sides. But, for a feature dish, I would probably opt for fresh beets. Twenty baby beets are conveniently packaged in 4 units of 5 beets each for $7.99.

What are your favorite organic finds at Costco?

Love BeetsEarthbound Farm Power Greens


4 thoughts on “Organic at Costco: Deep Greens Blend & Baby Beets

    • The beets are wonderful and the packaging is fine, considering that they’re vacuum sealed to keep them fresh. Ridiculous comment — the packaging is no worse that many other items sold in stores. Go ahead and cook your own beets instead!

      • I am guessing that the concern is more likely that they veggies are encased in plastic. Have to be honest, not my first preference either. But, I’m just happy to see organic options at a reasonable price. Fresh is best -but not always feasible.

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