Have You Considered Culinary School?

Knives BlackIf you have, you may appreciate my story, recently published in mindbodygreen, How Becoming a Plant-Based Chef Transformed My Life and Career as a Dietitian. As a healthcare professional, I was asked to share my experience and how I finally made this decision —after mulling it over for about 30 years! It was an honor to share my experiences at Natural Gourmet Institute with such an extensive online audience.

I have just a few more culinary classes to complete. So, stay tuned for some of the highlights from the medicinal cooking and ethnic cooking series. After completion of the coursework, I will begin my internship at Mercer Kitchen, a Jean-Georges restaurant in SoHo featuring seasonal and 90% organic ingredients.

And speaking of good food, it’s time for summer dishes! Let me know if you have any recipe requests or want make-overs of your season favorites.

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PS: Looking for ways to bring turmeric into your cooking?

My recommendations were featured in this recent article, ‘The Healing Benefits of Turmeric’ in shape.com.