The G & T Healer: Ginger Turmeric Medicinal Tea

Ginger Turmeric Medicinal Tea

Got inflammation, aches, and pains? A few weeks with this drink and you may understand why I fondly call this drink the Ginger Turmeric Healer. G & T for short. Not that kind. 

I’m not being coy calling this ginger turmeric drink a healer. In fact, after serving this up daily during a two-week stay with relatives, they both noticed relief from their daily arthritis-related aches and pains. To quote them “It doesn’t hurt anymore to walk the dogs” and “When I get up in the morning, the pain of putting my socks and shoes on is gone.” This drink also helped me dramatically following a recent traumatic injury, a story for another day. So, for anyone trying to avoid inflammation-related aches and pains, this drink is for you. Continue reading

Did Your Father’s Waistline Influence Your Own?

Fathers' Influence on Child's Obesity Risk

Photo Credit:Sukanto Debnath

Growing up, most people can’t help but look to their parents’ physiology as a contributor of their current as well as a possible future physique. But, it seems that parents, specifically the father’s waistline, may influence a child’s risk of obesity beyond genetic inheritance. Continue reading

Have You Considered Culinary School?

Knives BlackIf you have, you may appreciate my story, recently published in mindbodygreen, How Becoming a Plant-Based Chef Transformed My Life and Career as a Dietitian. As a healthcare professional, I was asked to share my experience and how I finally made this decision —after mulling it over for about 30 years! It was an honor to share my experiences at Natural Gourmet Institute with such an extensive online audience.

I have just a few more culinary classes to complete. So, stay tuned for some of the highlights from the medicinal cooking and ethnic cooking series. After completion of the coursework, I will begin my internship at Mercer Kitchen, a Jean-Georges restaurant in SoHo featuring seasonal and 90% organic ingredients.

And speaking of good food, it’s time for summer dishes! Let me know if you have any recipe requests or want make-overs of your season favorites.

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PS: Looking for ways to bring turmeric into your cooking?

My recommendations were featured in this recent article, ‘The Healing Benefits of Turmeric’ in


Happy Mother’s Day to ALL the Mothers in Our Lives!

Mom and MB-5705Today, on Mother’s Day, I’m expressing gratitude to ALL the mothers in my life. While today each of us may focus on our own mother, we all know that there are many mothers who have touched our lives and made us the people we are.

We all have ‘adopted’ mothers. As children our adopted  mothers were the mothers of our friends and neighbors. As we grew up, they welcomed us into their homes. They fed us. They looked after us and probably and often made us feel as if we were one of their own brood.  Continue reading

Why We Cook

Peep In The City

Peep In The City

Happy Easter everyone!

Holiday aside, Sunday is traditionally a day for family dinners. I love to spend a little extra time in the kitchen on Sundays either prepping for the week, or experimenting. Due to geographical challenges (being on the opposite coast) I won’t be joining my family holiday gathering in Seattle. But, if I could, I would cook. And this is why, and perhaps why you cook, best captured by the brilliant Michael Pollan.

“To cook for the pleasure of it, to devote a portion of our leisure to it, is to declare our independence from the corporations seeking to organize our every working moment into yet another occasion for consumption.

Cooking has the power to transform more than plants and animals. Cooking, I’ve found, gives us the opportunity, so rare in modern life, to work directly in our support and in the support of the people we feed.

In the calculus of economics, doing so may not always be the best use of an amature cook’s time. It is beautiful even so. For is there any practice less selfish, any labor less alienated, any time less wasted than preparing something delicious and nourishing for the people you love?”

– Michael Pollan, ‘Cooked’

Why do you cook? Please leave a comment below!

Icelandic Food – A Primer: Part I

Icelandic FoodTravelling to Iceland?  You likely have high expectations about the landscape, the geysers, the glacier and, of course, the northern lights. But, Icelandic food may not be on your radar. While it certainly wasn’t on mine, I was pleasantly surprised by Icelandic cuisine. The food was not only flavorful and minimally processed, but also sourced with a tradition of pride.

Is Icelandic cuisine a great example of ‘Clean Eating’? Yes. Vegan friendly? Definitely not.

Yet, despite their animal-centric diet, Icelanders are among the world’s healthiest people. Obesity and smoking rates are lower and life expectancy is longer (the 4th highest in the world) compared to other developed countries. No wonder 81% of Icelanders report being in good health. Might nutrition researchers someday discuss the ‘Icelandic Paradox’ alongside that of the famous French Paradox?  Continue reading

Raw Avocado Green Soup


Blended Green Soup

I’ve never, not once, considered ordering a cold soup off a menu, much less making one at home. In a word, they seemed B-o-r-i-n-g. Note the capital ‘B’? How could a cold soup possibly be satisfying? Gazpacho gets a pass once a year. Otherwise, not part of my cooking / dining repertoire. Next! Continue reading

Turmeric – What YOU need to know

Follow this blog for any period and you will likely notice my affinity for turmeric. The more I study nutritional science, alternative medicine and culinary nutrition, the more fascinated I become with the spice known as ‘Indian Gold’.

Over the past several years, I’ve researched and experimented with ways to assimilate turmeric into my daily routine. The spice also inspired my first article for a professional publication. ‘Three Ways to Get the Most From Turmeric’ was accepted by ‘The Integrative RD’, the newsletter of the Dietitians in Integrative and Functional Medicine.  Continue reading

Roasted Broccoli with Garlic Cashew Sauce

Roasted Broccoli

When I’m near Union Square and want a quick bite, I think Maoz. This international chain  is known for fast and affordable vegetarian mediterranean food, especially its signature falafel (gluten-free!) and flavorful sauces. But, it’s the roasted broccoli I save room for as I fill my self-serve bowl, then those the lid -with florets bulging at the edges. Yep. I was ‘that customer’. That is, until I was told “the broccoli won’t be ready for a few minutes”.  Then, I saw an employee dump broccoli into the serving container from a large basket. It was one of those tell-tale baskets which screams ‘deep-fryer’. Technically, according to the employee, it was ‘flash-fried’. Continue reading

Summer Recipe Make-Over Time!

Summer Recipe MakeoverIt’s not quite summer yet, but the Farmer’s Markets are once again lively. A round of applause, please! I’m looking forward to making my favorite summer recipes. But, I want to know which seasonal foods do you want to learn more about? Do you have a summer recipe for which you would like to give a health make-over? Lighter, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, add nutrients -all of the above? Let me help!

If you would like your recipe to be considered for a make-over, provide the following in the comments:

  • Name of the recipe or a description of the kind of healthy recipe you want.
  • The actual recipe (if you have a specific one you want to give a health make-over). A website link or attachment in an email is fine.
  • What you like about the recipe? If there is a reason it is special to you, I’d love to hear the story!
  • What would you like to change to make it healthier or suit your dietary restrictions?

That’s it! I hope to hear from you whether it is a recipe make-over request or questions about the nutritional aspects of or how to prepare any specific seasonal produce.