Vegan Pesto with Avocado & Kale

Vegan Winter PestoPesto isn’t just for summer! Using avocado as the base, substituting greens for basil and nutritional yeast for parmesan cheese, this vegan recipe is flavorful, rich and can be enjoyed year-round. You won’t miss the cheese. Your body will love this heart-healthy, low-glycemic and fiber-rich ways to dress pasta.  Continue reading

Cilantro Yogurt Roasted Chicken

Cilantro Yogurt Roasted Chicken

Cilantro Yogurt Roasted Chicken just might be one of the most tender and moist birds you’ll ever serve. The magic is in the marinade. Specifically, the yogurt’s lactic acid gently tenderizes the meat. The tangy marinade also doubles as a vibrant dipping sauce. No need to shy away from this recipe if you’re not a yogurt fan or are lactose intolerant. The yogurt is actually wiped off the bird before roasting. Don’t let the words ‘advance planning’ deter you. This recipe is worth it.  Continue reading

Black Bean Pasta. Thumbs Up!

Black Bean PastaPasta. Between the carbs, the gluten and the glycemic response, few of us enjoy this Paleo devil as often as we would like. Common sense tells us to enjoy pasta as a side dish, rather than the main feature. Right. I haven’t quite mastered that exercise in moderation, gluten or no gluten.

Black bean pasta to the rescue. This gluten-free, vegan, organic product from Explore is availabe at Costco and Amazon. The ingredient list (black beans, water) and stellar nutritional profile sold me. Compared to wheat pasta, black bean pasta has less than half the carbohydrates, six times the fiber and more than three times the protein and iron.

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Splayed Roasted Chicken

Splayed Roast edChicken

Like many people, I once shied away from cooking whole birds. Melissa Clark changed all that. This twist on a classic roasted chicken recipe is simple reliable, and fun to prepare. Combining a high temperature, salting, a heavy pan and the splayed legs results in an evenly cooked bird (breasts and legs), crunchy skin and perfectly carmelized vegetables. Now, like clock-work, Sunday is Bird Day. Thanks to leftovers, Monday is Bird Day Part II. I love cooking, but not on Mondays. Freeze the carcass and make chicken stock when you have two or more ready to go.

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Nicoise-Style Salad

Nicoise-Style SaladIn his blog, David Lebovitz, American food writer extraordinaire in Paris, kindly sets us straight about Salad Nicoise. According to the rules of French cuisine, our American practice of topping the salad with a crown of seared tuna, is a no-no. Canned tuna is acceptable. Canned anchovies are acceptable. But, using both is not okay. Further, according to some camps, the “classic” boiled potatoes and cooked green bean accompaniments are also forbidden. Cooked vegetables are not allowed, only raw. There are a lot of rules and a lot of debate over the rules. I’m ignoring most of them with this Nicoise-style salad. Continue reading

Grapefruit Avocado Salad

Avocado and Grapefruit SaladThe heat wave persists. So, avoiding the stove is priority #1. Unfortunately, grilling and barbecuing are verboten on Manhattan balconies.

Salads to the rescue, particularly this one, which I am living on lately. Last week,  I prepared this recipe multiple times, including final assembly in Central Park during the free concerts.

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Non-Sushi Seaweed Rolls

Salmon RollsIf you can make a sandwich, you can make these rolls. And like a sandwich, the filling options are endless. Salmon pairs well with the seaweed. So, when baking salmon for a meal, I simply bake a few extra fillets for use the next day. Or, skip the salmon for a vegetarian option. Get creative! The ingredients used here are simply examples to get your ideas rolling. Just be sure all fillings are vegetables are thinly sliced and in bite-size pieces. Continue reading